Conditional Access Policies

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If you’ve been in the IT world for a while, you would have heard of all the talk around multifactor authentication and more recently, a lot more talk about ‘Conditional Access’. In this post, I’m going to break down how you can use Conditional Access within your environment and how it can help organisations secure authentication. Conditional Access is a … Read More

What you should consider before moving to cloud

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It’s 2022 – the last time you purchased new hardware for the organisation was 7 years ago and things are starting to go end-of-life. You start scoping out your options for hardware renewal by talking to vendors, distributors and trusted IT partners. You continually hear back from them: You’re probably sick of hearing it by now so let’s go through … Read More

10 tips to keep Microsoft Azure Costs down

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In the past few weeks, many customers have been coming to my team with billing questions regarding Microsoft Azure. Since the economic downturn around the world, many customers have been tightening their spending and one of the first expenses to be questioned is the operating costs of IT. To combat this issue, we’ve been providing some tips to our clients … Read More